Ewin G01 Ski Goggles, Frameless Snowboard Goggles

Real REVO finish on outer lens delivers extreme stylish aura and of course it comes with solid and the anti-fogging coating and UV400 protection treatment on inner lens are able to prevent fogging and glare-cutting significantly.


Featured with optimized curvature and peripheral vision, the ski goggles provides ultra-wide view with minimum distortion on the slope. Different tints and VLTs reduce eye fatigue and help you see the bumps, ditches and etc.

Provide smooth air-flow system which brings fresh air and exhaust moisture quickly and effectively. Two-way ventilation system enhance air-flow and reduce the fogging in warm, moist condition. Have fun on the slope with clear vision.


Con una curvatura optimizada y una visión periférica, las gafas de esquí ofrecen una visión ultra-ancha con una distorsión mínima en la pendiente. Diversos tintes y Videolotería reducen fatiga del ojo y le ayudan a ver los topetóns, las zanjas y el etc.

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